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Welcome to Imagine Justice

Youth Mentorship Programs

The idea behind Imagine Justice is a powerful one. Every child can succeed and make their dreams come true with support, nurturing, and education. Positive relationships can change a young person’s life. The mentees and mentors in our program come from all walks of life, and together, we find common ground, forge lifelong friendships, and help children to flourish.

Mentor Matching and Screening

Our mentors are put through a rigorous screening process to ensure safety of the children in our programs. From there, we determine a mentor’s interests and evaluate other factors to make the best match that will lead to a great friendship and mentorship. Our first priority, though, is, without a doubt, safety. Mentors should be prepared for thorough background and reference checks, and parents and guardians of mentees should rest assured that we have high standards.


While we provide structured activities and events for mentors and mentees to participate in, a lot of the fun is planned independently by program participants themselves. Mentors help foster the interests of their young buddies by seeking out chances for them to explore and learn more, finding new experiences and activities to introduce them to. Our participants are very active in their communities, taking advantage of free events and volunteer opportunities regularly.

Why Friendship Is Justice

There are so many children who could benefit from having a mentor. Positive adult relationships have been proved to reduce risky behaviors in children and help them become more academically successful. The children of today face many challenges and new threats from online activity. Giving them the opportunity to engage with their community, try new things, and enjoy positive adult support gives children of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds a more even footing for success.