Imagine Justice

Imagine Justice, Make a Difference, and Create Change

Concepts and Values

Imagine Justice gets strong results from our mentoring program because we take a different approach. We have a unique core set of values that we are committed to that make the program what it is. It may not be the same approach as all mentoring programs, but we believe that it’s the best one.

  • The purpose of mentoring is to remind our community and culture that we all have a responsibility to guide our youth.
  • This one is a cliché, but it’s repeated for a reason: It takes a village to raise a child.
  • We believe that traditions and ceremony bring people together and make them feel like part of a group with a place to belong.
  • We take an approach that emphasizes the gifts and talents of participants.
  • We offer our youth unconditional positive regard.
  • We want to help our youth develop a vision for their life and support that vision.
  • If someone is not ready to receive help, we can get them ready to accept help.
  • We never abandon or give up on youth in our programs
  • We value teamwork here and frequently go beyond our individual roles to support the organization as a whole.
  • We strive for better than “good enough.”
  • We make positive outcomes and high standards our responsibility.
  • We’re here for us when our youth need us, not just during the 9-to-5 work hours. We know that real life doesn’t operate on that schedule and can help youth in crisis on evenings and weekends.
  • We embrace hugging here.
  • We are not competitive with other youth programs.
  • We are process-oriented, and our members are trained in active listening practices. We believe that building good mentor relationships involves sharing your story.
  • We aim for nothing less than exceptional results.
  • Everyone is welcome in our program, including at-risk youth and youth from all backgrounds.
  • To help at-risk youth, you might need to take a few risks yourself.
  • It’s not our program that can change lives; it’s the relationships formed within it.