Imagine Justice

Imagine Justice, Make a Difference, and Create Change

Staff and Volunteers

Our organization is run by a network of people who make the program as successful as it is. There are many types of positions within the organization where volunteers and staff work to the benefit of our youth.


Carolina Roja: Carolina is one of the founders of Imagine Justice. She has a background in social work that helped her develop an interest in and passion for promoting social justice, health, and happiness in youth. She had a vision and a belief that adults could make a serious impact by giving their time and care to a young person.

Konrad Peel: Konrad got his start in the mentoring and youth work world by spending years working at a homeless youth shelter. He knows there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a child grow and respond to positive relationships. He believes “each one can teach one,” and that formed his vision for a mentorship program.


Nicky McDonnell: Nicky is our events coordinator, the mastermind behind all of our fun activities! She’s had plenty of practice with organized fun, as she spent years working for summer camps and recreation clubs.

Paul Lott: Paul is our director of programs. He irons out all the details to make things tick, like transportation, training, and more. Paul is a retired assistant principal who wanted to continue to serve youth even though he’d moved on from working in public schools.

Rea Sullivan: Rea is the smiling face that will greet you at our front desk or friendly voice on the phone. She’s our office manager and a busy mom of two who loves spending time with kids.

Stacie May: Stacie is our publicist and social media manager! She’s in charge of taking great photos of our events and building an online community for us. Stacie is a Snapchat addict who also teaches youth art classes.


Volunteers are the backbone of Imagine Justice, and nothing we do would be possible without them. Every volunteer makes a difference, and we’re so grateful to have these individuals on board:

Catrina Fraser

Jared Moyer

Jawad Young

Katrina Grey

Indira Solomon

Lorenzo Jarvis

Terrence Estrada

Patrick Field

Kai Barnes