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Becoming a Mentor: Volunteering Opportunities

Thank you for expressing interest in volunteerism and mentorship with Imagine Justice! You can make a huge difference in the life of a child.

What Is a Mentor?

Mentors are trusted friends who commit to long-term guidance and support of youth. In the most basic sense, a mentor is an adult who helps youth understand their gifts and their value as a person and as part of a community. They are there to guide and support young people through their triumphs, setbacks, and challenges, offering unconditional positive regard and support. A mentor can play a huge role in shaping a young person’s character with their support, encouragement, and education.

What Do Mentors Commit To?

Mentors commit to one year of volunteerism with the program, and during that time, they see their mentee once a week or every other week while also making themselves available between sessions for support or extra activities.

You’ll get a full training course with additional learning opportunities available often. Support is available at any time; we want to help you build a successful mentoring relationship. We have a mentoring connection staff to guide you every step of the way.

Community-Based Mentoring

In addition to one-on-one mentorship opportunities, we have other volunteerism opportunities available in our community as mentor support and activity coordinators and staff.

How the Program Works

The program is structured to be a one-year commitment with scheduled monthly meetings and more frequent sessions. Each month, we have a group session with all of the current mentors and mentees. These group sessions will focus on life skills, relationship skills, and community-building. They’re a fun chance for everyone involved to make new friends.

You Can Be a Mentor!

Since all mentors are prepared for success with our training and support, anyone can be a mentor! However, there are some qualities that are particularly sought-after in our mentors. If any of these qualities or experiences sound like you, you would make a great mentor and we could use you! A background in childhood education, CPR certification, first aid training, patience, imagination, and a fun-loving personality are all great qualities to have in a mentor. But as we said, anyone can be a valued member of our team. We will teach you the skills of a great mentor. Our only requirements are passing a background check, completing training, having regular access to a vehicle, and being over 21.

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